African group security team succeess in securing “Olympia Egypt” festival for bodybuilding professionals






African group security guards were keen to secure this exceptional event in Egypt, especially that the four winners in the categories of Physique, Classic Physique and Bodybuilding “open weight and weight of 212” will qualify to participate in the 2022 Mr. Olympia in the United States of America. African group men succeeded in securing the participants of the “Olympia Egypt” festival for professionals from professional bodybuilding stars, such as the Egyptian champion Mohamed Shaaban, the American Cedric McMillan, Reagan Grimes and Muhammad Al-Imam in the open weight, Ahmed Al-Wardani, Muhammad Al-Imbabi, Steve Benthen and Jalal Reda

Yesterday, Sunday, Olympia Egypt Festival for Professionals in Bodybuilding Kopro (KO PRO), which was organized by the Cosquad team under the supports of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, for the first time in the Arab region and the Middle East, with the participation of a large number of professional foreign players. The results of the Body Building resulted in the Canadian Reagan James winning the first place, and Muhammad Shaaban in the second place, and the Englishman Samson Dauda in the third place, and Muhammad Taha Abdel-Fattah in the fourth place and Muhammad Al-Imam in the fifth place.