The efforts of the African company write a security success certificate for the Youth Nations Championship

The African Security and Guarding Company succeeded in writing a certificate of success for the African Youth U-23 Championship in terms of security, which was hosted by Egypt from 8 to 23 November, where the tournament included the strongest teams on the continent.

Egypt succeeded in climbing to the Tokyo Olympics, accompanied by Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa, in addition to the success of the Pharaohs in winning the title after beating Cote d’Ivoire in the final match.

Officials of the African Company for Security and Guard, headed by Major General Mohamed Nabil, Chairman and Managing Director, made great efforts to ensure that the tournament came out in the best way, by running things over the masses and at the same time dealing firmly with those outside the text.

Despite the presence of Major General Mohamed Nabil behind the scenes, his role was clear in presenting an honorable image of the Egyptian security in front of all countries of the world, and Major General Mahmoud Taher, the Managing Director, made great efforts in leading the company’s team and controlling the stadium.